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Instructor Jerry Jones Quote

May 10, 2001


Michael is the best because he deserves to be the best. Mike trains Harder and smarter than anyone I have known or heard of in his age group Or division. He has trained for half of his life and is always the First to come and the last to leave the dojo. Mike consistently takes 3, one-hour group classes and at least a one, one-hour private lesson With me every week maybe missing a total of a weeks worth of lessons in The five years I have known him. In addition, he traines numerous hours At home every week with his father, Ray.

Mike knows he deserves to be the best!

Plato once said that "All Learning has an emotional base." Michael has a Great love of the martial arts and it is this love that enables me his Instructor to push and guide him past and beyond all expectations of Himself, others, and yes, myself.

Through his very hard work, travels, bumps and bruises Mike, at 10 years Old, has developed the character of a Loved King and a wise and Understanding heart beyond his years, yet still (happily) retains the Innocence, playfulness and curiosity of a young male lion cub.

Everyone at the school (dojo) is proud of him and enjoys training with Him. He is a true leader in every aspect. He brings happiness to Everyone he meets. I have no doubt that he can do anything he wishes to Accomplish. In order, I am Michaels friend, Instructor and his student. Michael, to me, represents all that is good in this world and I am Truly honored to be able to instruct him.

Jerry Jones

Head Instructor at JERRY JONES ULTIMATE MARTIAL ARTS Nutley NJ 07110