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Michael Trasso "Martial Artist Student of the Month"

August 31, 2001


Talk about being in a zone, 10-year-old WorldBlackBelt Member Michael Trasso from Lyndhurst, New Jersey has now won six straight grappling tournament titles going into the upcoming North American Grappling Associations "Battle at the Beach2". With his success, Michael has already landed a corporate sponsor that is building him his own personal dojo to train in at his home and hes just getting started.

On his 10th birthday, Michael received his Black Belt in Free Style Jui Jitsu from Master Jerry Jones who recently opened the Jerry Jones Ultimate Martial Arts School in Nutley, New Jersey. "Ive known Michael for about a foot of his life and through his very hard work, travels, bumps and bruises, he has developed into the character of a young beloved King who possesses a wise and understanding heart beyond his years, yet still happily retains the innocence, playfulness and curiosity of a lion cub."

Michaels father Ray enrolled his son when he was just 5-years-old. "I felt that introducing Michael to Martial Arts would be an exciting experience and a test to see if he truly liked it. Neither of us are disappointed!" Today Michael is a Junior Instructor and helps teach classes at his dojo. "Michael is a true leader in every aspect, and I have no doubt that he can accomplish anything he wishes," said Jones.

Michael continues to advance in his Martial Arts, training three days a week in Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Kickboxing, Sambo, Karate, as well as in grappling. Master Jones estimates that Michael has learned roughly four hundred techniques, including takedowns, choke holds and joint locks. "Plato once said that all learning has an emotional base, and Michaels great love of the Martial Arts has enabled me to push and guide him beyond all of our expectations."