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Michael Trasso - "Student Of The Month" Update

February 6, 2002


Proof of eleven-year-old Michael Trasso’s prowess in Jiu Jutsu lies in his string of fifty tournament victories (28 by submission tapouts). Ranked number one in his division by the North American Grappling Association, the native of Lyndhurst, New Jersey has recently taken 1st place at the 2002 Grapplers Quest U. S. Nationals (70-80lbs). “Michael may have butterflies in his stomach the night before, but once he gets out on the mat, he’s very confident in his techniques and abilities. When he fights in his age group, he often faces opponents who tower over him.

“Michael wasn’t born to win, he deserves to win. He trains harder than anyone I know. In the six years I’ve worked with him, he’s always the first one to class and the last one to leave,” states his instructor Master Jerry Jones. “Michael doesn’t want to be better than me. He wants to be the best he can be. It’s his persistence and discipline that make him a champion. I know he trains hard at home as well because he’s always better the next time I see him.”

Recently, Michael attended a seminar with Ultimate Fighting Champion Oleg Taktarov. The Russian Sambo Champion was so impressed with his talent that he had him demonstrating techniques to the rest of the adult class despite the fact that Michael was one of only two children at the seminar. Michael will be attending the Copa Atlantica Tournament for Brazilian Jui Jutsu in June. He’s already won 2 National titles in the Gi (uniform) and 3 National titles in the No Gi (wearing only shorts) events in the form.