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Save Montclair State University Wrestling

April 1, 2006


Montclair State University has cut the Mens wrestling team twice within the past year. The are several key reasons why the University should immediately reconsider their decision to drop wrestling:

• In 2005, MSU President Susan Cole committed to maintain 18 intercollegiate sports programs at Montclair State University for the next 4-5 years. This included wrestling!!!!

• Contributors, Student/Athletes, Parents and the State of New Jersey relied upon her word in sending their athletes and money to MSU.

• In 2005, the SGA recommended and authorized a significant increase in the Student Athletic Fee which EVERY student pays. This increased was designed to specifically to bring back the sport of wrestling and generates several hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every year.

• There are close to 40 current and former wrestlers who indicated their desire to wrestle for MSU in 2006.

• The students of MSU have voted in a special Referendum their desire to maintain a wrestling program at MSU. The vote was 91% to 9 in favor. This issue increased voter turnout for the general elections by over 150%!!!

• Montclair State University is a state supported school funded with tax payer dollars. MSU’s primary mission is to develop the next generation of teachers and coaches. MSU should have an obligation to provide activities like wrestling that are indigenous to the region.

• There are 8,455 high school wrestlers in New Jersey and only 150 college “roster slots” to accommodate them.

• Based on NFHS participation statistics, New Jersey ranks 8th in the nation with respect to the largest number of scholastic wrestlers in a state.

• The 2006 NJSIAA State Wrestling Championships in Atlantic City sold an unprecedented 41,000 tickets. This state tournament is among the largest in the nation.

• There is a regional shortage of the traditional high school teacher/coaches. The wrestling community is counting on MSU and its intercollegiate wrestling team to help replenish this depleted pool.

• Currently, there are approximately 150 MSU alums that are coaching and/or teaching in the Mid-Atlantic region. Many of these coaches are among the best coaches in America.

• MSU has a very rich wrestling tradition as evidenced by the following: 2 National Team Titles, 29 National Champions, and over 100 All Americans. Please visit website...http://www.savemontclairwrestling.com/