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Worldblackbelt.com Letter

June 17, 2002


July 17, 2002

Mr. Michael Trasso

233 Lafayette Avenue

Lyndhyrst, NJ 07071

Dear Michael,

Congratulations on being chosen to be the WorldBlackBelt.coms Student of the Month for the June issue 2002.

Your name was submitted to us and you were selected by our comitee to be honored based on your accomplishments in Martial Arts and as a human being.

Our honorees are chosen based on their all around achievents, including scholastic, and service to others.

You are an inspiration and we are proud to include you along with the past Students of the Month in this very select group of people.

We appreciate your continued support of WorldBlackBelt and look forward to a prosperous future.

Enclosed is a copy of your article and a keepsake of the cover of the issue that you were honored in.


Bob Wall