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Seminar w/Philip Porter

Seminar w/Philip Porter

Sensei Badyna Was Inducted Into The International Martial Arts Hall Of Fame In 2001, He Was Also Named Master Instructor Of The Year In 2001...website-www.saboten-ryu.com/

Sensei Badyna Was Named As The Most Distinguished Master Instructor For 2002 And 2004 By The United States Martial Arts Association And The World Head Of Family Sokeship Council.
Seminar w/Philip Porter

Saboten Ryu Dojo Has Been Ranked The Number 1 Aikido / Kenjutsu In The United States By The World Head Of The Family Sokeship Council And The United States Martial Arts Association For The Last 3 Years..more Photos Available In The Photo Section

October 23-24/2004

I Recently Was Invited To Attend A Seminar By The Founder Of Saboten Ryu Aikido - Sensei Keith R. Badyna At His Dojo Located In Colmar,PA. His Special Guest Was oSensei Philip Porter. At 80 Years Old OSensei Porter Is The Highest Living Rank In The World (10th Dan). The Seminar Covered Chokes,throws And Escapes. It Was Truely An Honor To Be On The Same Mat .